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NameJasper Cherry
ProfessionReality Star
Age18 years
Date of BirthFebruary 4, 2006
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Meet Jasper Cherry, a young magician who captured the hearts of audiences across the UK with his mesmerizing performances on Britain's Got Talent. Born on February 4, 2006, in England, Jasper discovered his passion for magic at a young age and dedicated himself to mastering the art of illusion.

A Star is Born

At just 14 years old, Jasper Cherry made his mark on the British entertainment scene by competing in the prestigious talent show, Britain's Got Talent. His captivating performances and undeniable talent earned him a spot in the finals of Season 14, where he wowed both the judges and the audience with his mind-bending tricks and sleight of hand.

Unveiling the Magic

Despite his young age, Jasper Cherry's magic tricks left viewers in awe and sparked a wave of curiosity about the secrets behind his illusions. Fans marveled at his ability to manipulate cards and objects with seemingly effortless grace, leading to widespread speculation about the inner workings of his magical acts.

A Moment of Recognition

One of the standout moments of Jasper Cherry's journey on Britain's Got Talent came when he enticed Judge Ashley Banjo with a spellbinding performance that showcased his exceptional skills and creativity. His ability to engage and amaze both the judges and the audience solidified his status as a rising star in the world of magic.

Sharing the Spotlight

In May 2020, Jasper Cherry and his mother, Claire, made a special appearance on Good Morning Britain, where they shared insights into Jasper's magical journey and the impact of his participation in Britain's Got Talent. The duo's heartfelt bond and shared passion for magic resonated with viewers, further cementing Jasper's place in the hearts of fans.


Q: What inspired Jasper Cherry to pursue a career in magic?
A: Jasper's fascination with magic began at a young age, sparked by a magic kit he received as a gift. He was captivated by the art of illusion and dedicated himself to honing his skills and creating captivating performances.

Q: How has Jasper Cherry's participation in Britain's Got Talent impacted his career?
A: Jasper's journey on Britain's Got Talent has opened doors to new opportunities and brought him recognition on a national stage. His talent and charisma have garnered him a loyal following and positioned him as a rising star in the world of magic.

Q: What sets Jasper Cherry apart as a magician?
A: Jasper's unique blend of creativity, skill, and showmanship sets him apart as a magician to watch. His ability to engage and mesmerize audiences with his magical performances showcases his exceptional talent and passion for the art of illusion.

Join Jasper Cherry on his magical journey as he continues to captivate audiences with his extraordinary talent and enchanting performances. With his boundless creativity and unwavering dedication, Jasper is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the world of magic and inspire future generations of magicians to follow in his footsteps.